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Welcome to The Sharp Tips Blog!

bookkeeping for musicians
A-Sharp Bookkeeper

Welcome to the first post of The Sharp Tips Blog! This blog is intended for musicians searching for help in running their businesses, whether that be an independent artist career, owning a teaching studio, or any other business in the music industry.

I am a classically trained flutist who loves business and keeping finances organized. That is why I created A-Sharp Bookkeeper to serve my fellow musicians in their endeavors to create their dream careers. We spend our lifetimes developing our musical craft, becoming excellent performers, teachers, and other professionals, but we are rarely taught the practical/business side of a music career.

With this blog I plan to share what I have learned about the business side of being a musician. I run my own private studio, founded a chamber music group, and maintain a freelance career. I have learned how to plan and strategize for these businesses and want to share my knowledge with all of you!

I will focus mainly on how to use QuickBooks products for serving your business and preparing you for tax season. I am certified in QuickBooks Online and eager to help!

If you are a musician looking for financial solutions for your career or business, then stay tuned for more Sharp Tips!



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