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why i became a bookkeeper

I have been running a private flute studio out of my home since 2013. There is so much that I love about teaching: sharing my love, knowledge, and passion for music as well as the satisfaction of knowing that my positive influence will ripple across generations. But I was also surprised by how much energy it took from me. I always new I was introverted, but I still could not predict how little stamina I would have for face-to-face interactions. Most teachers I know can drive from school to school, give lessons for several hours, then go back home to teach even more. I get wiped out with ten students spread across the week.

bookkeeping for musicians

I realized this was not sustainable. My studio could still be a big part of my life, but it could not be my primary source of income. So I started reflecting on what skills I could use for hours at a time that I enjoyed and could be applied to a full-time living. As a teacher and freelance performer I got really good at organizing my personal finances and realized that my favorite thing to do was update and organize my budget. I started considering bookkeeping as a possible income stream but was not crazy about the idea of working for some boring "Business Solutions for Businesses with Solutions LLC" type of place. Then I heard that finding a niche is how most virtual bookkeepers find their success and the idea of bookkeeping for music businesses clicked in my head. I realized that I have years of experience running my own studio that could help me bring value to other studio owners. I spent the next year studying bookkeeping and getting certifications.

Why me?

  • You can relax knowing that your bookkeeper knows your industry and shares your values

  • I take care of the messy details so that you can invest your entire self in making your studio as amazing as you know it can be

I mean, who opens a music studio so that they can spend hours categorizing transactions and reconciling the bank account?

I realized that I have skills other musicians need but don't have. I want to help "my people" and so here I am, ready to hear from you!

bookkeeping for musicians



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