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About Me

Passionate About Helping Fellow Musicians

My journey to bookkeeping started when I graduated college with a music degree and had to figure out how to keep a budget, be ready for tax season, and make my dollars stretch as far as possible all on my own. In that time I realized that I really enjoyed the business side of operating my own private lesson studio, freelance career, and chamber group. 

bookkeeping for musicians

A-Sharp Bookkeeper was born in June 2018 with the mission to help my fellow musicians realize their dreams of running their own businesses, whether that be music schools, performing groups, nonprofits, independent solo careers, or any other music organization.

I myself am a classical flutist and flute teacher. I teach from my home studio and am the founding member of AURORA, trio for flute, cello, and harp. I am also a board member of the Houston Flute Club, serving as the treasurer. In my spare time I write arrangements for flute chamber music. I received a Bachelor's of Music in Instrumental Performance from Southwestern University in 2013.

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